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25 wedding gifts under $100

A gift to help you save money on your wedding day is a great way to show the love we all feel for our bride and groom! And with almost 100 ideas ranging from cheap-but-tasty (a set of colorful cocktail stirrers!) to expensive-but-wonderful (an engraved photo album), there’s something here for everyone, especially if you know them well.

1. Waffle iron – A waffle iron can make some delicious waffles or French toast for breakfast or brunch, and they come in different sizes so that you can use one as often as you like. You can also choose between two types: the electric kind that has both plates and irons so it will heat up fast or the stovetop variety which just heats up the plates.

2. Instant Pot – An instant pot allows you to cook multiple dishes at once — making this an invaluable multi-cooker option. It comes with several built-in cooking programs so it’s easy to program ahead. This feature alone makes it worth its price tag.

3. Portable coffee maker – If you’re having guests over for morning coffee, then a portable coffee maker will allow you to have fresh cups waiting when they arrive. Choose one that holds at least 12 ounces and gives off enough aroma for friends to notice while keeping within budget.

4. Slow cooker – Not only does a slow cooker do the work for you, but there are lots of things that can be cooked inside it such as soups, stews, chili, casseroles, raviolis, lasagna, enchiladas, curries, chile rellenos … the list goes on!

5. Ice cream machine – Having dessert after dinner is nice, but ice cream every night? That’s too much. However, if you want a small appliance that you won’t tire of using, then look no further than an ice cream maker. This will let you enjoy homemade treats without any effort and still save time. Most people get ice cream makers as their first kitchen gadget because they needn’t learn how to operate it; simply add the ingredients and push “button” and they’ll magically transform themselves into ice cream.

6. Blender – A blender lets you make smoothies for breakfast, cocktails for snacks, ice cream for dessert and more. They also can chop veggies, mince herbs, crush nuts, knead dough and whip up sauces while blending.

7. Grinder – When you don’t want to go through the hassle of mincing garlic yourself, invest in a grinder. These grind spices and other fine powders quickly and efficiently, letting you throw away nearly half of your minced aromatics. Depending on what type of grinder you buy — either a mortar and pestle style, or an actual handheld grinder—you might spend anywhere from $10 to $250 or more. That said, investing in a quality grinder is definitely an essential.

8. Toaster oven – This is not really a wedding gift per se, but many brides already own a standard toaster oven so this could serve double duty as a wedding gift. Plus, if your favorite mom cooks meals all the time, she needs a good toasting tool. Get her one that offers six slots so she can easily fit four bagels or English muffins inside, and features adjustable temperature controls so she can toast, broil, bake cookies, and roast simultaneously.

9. Vacuum sealer – Bridal showers typically involve cupcakes, brownies, cakes and other sweet desserts. The traditional method of storing leftovers involves placing these items in Tupperware and tucking them back in the fridge. Unfortunately, Tupperware isn’t always airtight, which means leftover cake crumbs can ruin the next day’s lunch, especially for picky eaters. Investing in a vacuum sealing unit will keep food fresher longer by eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

10. Garlic press – There’s nothing worse than chopping some of your favorite veggie and realizing that you’ve chopped all the cloves out of it. With a garlic press, you can turn that into confetti and spread across all those slices. And since garlic presses usually come with a bunch of different attachments, it’s like getting two appliances in one!

11. Personalized photo frame – This personalized photo frame includes everything you need to create a custom picture frame: glass, magnetic backing and hardware. Plus, you can use the same design over and over again, creating multiple frames with just one purchase.

12. Instant Pot – This multi-functional cooker basically does most of the work when cooking for large groups: It preheats, boils water, steam cook vegetables, slow cook meats and even makes rice. At less than three feet long, this travel sized device is small enough to take along on road trips, vacations and overnight business trips.

13. Electric Coffee Press – Make a great cup of coffee at home every morning by making a pot of it ahead of time. An electric coffee press looks simple, but requires little maintenance (just clean the filters regularly). Not only do coffee shops lose thousands of dollars each year because their customers are too busy drinking coffee on the go, but they’re also serving up an inferior product. But for the cost of a cheap mocha frappuccino at a fast food chain, you can make a fresh pot of coffee anytime you want. Plus, who doesn’t love free samples?

14. Ice Cream Maker – Did someone say ice cream sundae bar on wheels?! Yes, please, and we’ll take eight. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without some sort of sweet toppings to put it all on top of, so get ready to stock up on candy, nuts, candied fruits, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cookie dough, caramel, jam, honey, sugar paste and whipped cream. Because what’s better than dessert? Dessert AND gifts? We think not.

15. Salad spinner – Who wants salad smothered in grease from using the same lettuce leaves over and over again? A salad spinner keeps your greens looking pristine and is perfect for both dining out and at home during the holidays when entertaining friends and family.

16. Instant Pot – If you don’t have an instant pot right now, then it should definitely be on the list. Especially if it has enough space for you to add a few extra chicken breasts, frozen spinach, potatoes, or cooked pasta noodles without any hassle.

17. Slow Cooker – Everyone knows how to cook meat on the stovetop. Few people realize that a slow cooker turns out delicious meals consistently. The best part about slow cookers is that they don’t heat up a kitchen.

18. Handheld Shower Head – A handheld shower head will give you a relaxing shower away from home. The spray range provides more control over your showering experience compared to traditional shower heads that stick above the ground.

19. Blender – While buying a blender might seem redundant, it’s important to note that you won’t find a high quality blender for under 100. Buying one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one is always well worth it. Even if it seems like buying a personal appliance comes close to “ring fencing” money, spending that amount of cash on something you use multiple times per week easily justifies the investment.

20. Crockpot/slow cooker : If none of the gift ideas here pique your interest, maybe a crockpot/slow cooker would? With these two appliances, there are hundreds of dishes already made — just load them into the crockpot and come back after 8 hours. That means that you can save the time needed to spend in the kitchen and instead relax with the ones you care for.

21. Vacuum Sealer – You know how your mom packed her lunch in Tupperware? Now you can pack lunches in vacuum sealable Ziploc bags. And since they’re essentially reusable airtight plastic wrap, they’re great for wrapping up leftovers or snacks. They’re also ideal for packing gifts such as cookies and treats.

22. Kitchen scale – Whether you’re cooking for one person or feeding a crowd, knowing exactly how much ingredients you need is key to creating flavorful, nutritious meals.

23. Cast Iron Skillet – Cooking with a cast iron skillet will boost your culinary repertoire. It can brown meats perfectly while delivering superior flavor to the finished dish.

24. Pressure cooker – High-pressure, low-smoke pressure cookers have been used in restaurants since before most Americans even knew where gas was found. With these nifty gadgets, you can now try out recipes that were once reserved for professionals.

25. Food processor – What’s a holiday party without some kind of dip? But who has 30 minutes to make guacamole by hand? Make sure to get a food processor for dipping parties, but make sure to wash it every single time so it doesn’t become a giant petri dish.