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Our products are editor-tested and approved by experts. We might earn a small commission for links we post to our website. From blankets that weigh weights to comfy sweaters, we have found the most effective gifts to help get to 2022.
The Christmas season is over However, we believe that gift-giving is a continuous tradition, particularly during these difficult times, when we might need some motivation. This is the reason Men’s Health’s editors are here to assist. Our experts in style and gear tested numerous products to discover crowd-pleasing presents for anyone on your list regardless of whether it’s a friend, colleague or even yourself (hey you’re worthy of it!).
Here are the top 20 presents we’ve tried that are thoughtful and practical, including cozy sweatshirts to high-end headphones. There’s something for all the people you’re looking for.
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“Dockers creates the most perfect Chinos and they are the best in corduroy, which is the ideal pant for stepping up your look. Corduroy provides look and texture that’s perfect to dress up. The distinctive 360 Flex, which stretches horizontally and vertically, offers the most flexibility and mobility. Don’t let the polished appearance that these pants make you believe that they’re as comfy like sweatpants and you won’t ever want to get them off. “–Ted Stafford, fashion director.
Its Uniqlo cashmere crewneck sweater is a high-quality, budget cashmere sweater. It’s a great deal to get the style of this sweater, as it is timeless and can be worn casually under an athletic jacket or bomber and also casually with a T-shirt. It’s a comfortable, soft cashmere crewneck that is sure to last for years at great value. –Ted Stafford
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If you’re hoping to enjoy music while you run or while exercising, it’s essential to use headphones that stay within your ears. It’s been a struggle to find earbuds that won’t lose their place.
The Beats Fit Pro not only provide great sound, but they also remain in place in the most intense of exercise routines. The active noise cancellation and the superior acoustic sound coupled with sweat resistance makes these an excellent investment.
They’re well valued for their stress-free exercises and listening to motivating music as you work up the sweat. –Ted Stafford
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Finding the perfect piece of underwear that are comfortable and make you feel comfortable and overall look nice is an overall win. The Mack Weldon silver underwear in Supima cotton come with all the necessary elements to make an elegant, understated and well-fitting piece of clothing.
Highlights include six” inch stay-put inseam feel great on your leg, without clumping up, and the Patent Ionic+ Silver technology offers sweat-wicking and breathable elements which help to reduce the smell. –Ted Stafford
We included our Alo Yoga crewneck sweater in our December gift-giving guide and with reasons that are well-founded.
The material is soft and cozy but it’s elegant and well-fitting and flatters. It’s made of the breathable triblend fleece, which keeps you warm and comfortable while still looking stylish. This is an original sweatshirt that you’ll need to wear every day for a great look and feeling. –Ted Stafford
I believe that anyone could be considered lucky to spot me in this beautiful pajama set from Lahgo. Silk makes this an attractive option for relaxing and the washable fabric makes it very easy to clean making it appear elegant and stylish. –Alfonso Fernandez Navas Market Editor
Essentials has already elevated sweatshirts by utilizing a nuanced earthy hue. The mock neck design provides this sweatshirt with an unexpected modern twist, but without losing its street-style appeal. It’s perfect for those who appreciate both function and form. –Alfonso Fernandez Navas
In those instances when we need to put away the sweats These Club Monaco pants can dress the look of any outfit with none of the hassle. They can be a perfect addition to any outfit and not be “just another pair” of black pants. I’m still grieving the loss of my last pair, but I’m determined to get my own pair that is in case nobody else has. –Alfonso Fernandez Navas
I’m going share the secret. Abercrombie & Fitch is making some of the most stylish male wardrobe essentials and this warm sweater is proof of that. –Alfonso Fernandez Navas
Since a routine for skincare is a crucial component of our grooming routine selecting the correct products can be challenging or even intimidating. The complete set by Jaxon Lane has all the necessary items for a simple routine using products that are effective. –Alfonso Fernandez Navas
I gave these headphones an opportunity to test them out over a six-hour flight, which included a loud waiting at the gate. The distinction between the transparency, neutral, and ANC options was quite frankly incredible. They’re expensive however the feature, when combined with crystal clear audio and a stunning style, makes them exceptional headphones that you’ll want to keep for many years to come. –Dale Chong, Gear and Commerce Editor
I could go on about this enormous tote for all-purpose carrying–and I’ve already used it on several occasions. It’s a durable, weatherproof canvas tote bag large enough to accommodate your needs and then some more. It’s also a bargain at best it costs you just $50. The camouflage design gives a cool edge to my daily commutes. If you’re looking for a affordable size, I strongly recommend Medium and Large that offer the same design and quality as smaller sizes. –Dale Chong
Enjoy the flavor of a beer, but are you dreading the hangover? Meet Athletic Brewing, a nonalcoholic beer brand, and a favourite among a small group of MH editors. The company offers a tasty selection of choices including golden ale to one hop IPAs and they all taste fantastic. If you’re looking for a solution to get through Dry January or to decrease your intake of alcohol This is the one for you. –Dale Chong
Consider the beginning of the year and use it as an occasion to refresh your home’s dining area an change it up with these stunning meals from Fable. They’re timeless and minimal which allows the food you serve for dinner or lunch be a star. –Dale Chong
In the context of meals, why not think about a new set of cookware? The AAPI-owned company Material comes with a set of three items that includes saute pans as well as a traditional pan, and a pot by a copper-based core. It leaves you with all the necessary items. It is a guarantee that this is the only set items you’ll need. –Dale Chong
Even in the winter months, I’m a hot sleeper. With the Bearaby Tree Napper, I get the serotonin-inducing benefits from an oversized blanket that doesn’t sweat. I can put this on while I’m doing my Netflix watching binge and am now looking forward to a winter hibernation until the spring season arrives. –Christian Gollayan, Senior Style Editor and Commerce Editor.
It was a challenge to create an exercise room within my small Manhattan apartment. This was until I discovered Tempo’s Move mobile version of this fitness startup’s popular mirror for workouts. Move connects to my television and makes use of my iPhone’s camera to stream streaming workouts that monitor my posture and form. Additionally, it includes a set of dumbbells for strength training The console can take up the same space for the table at an end. –Christian Gollayan
I’ve failed numerous times to keep my houseplants alive. This is why I love Bloomscape which is an online marketplace that sells plants that are more healthy than palm trees and flowers I’ve bought at hardware stores. Every purchase comes with a simple-to-follow maintenance guide, so that your plants will not die. –Christian Gollayan
Who said you had to be rough in the wild? This camping chair comes with an ergonomic shape that helps keep your spine in alignment. It can also recline automatically, which allows you to take in the natural surroundings with ease. –Christian Gollayan
The tablet that can do it all has enough processing power to handle video calls via Zoom and stream them making it an ideal alternative those times when I don’t wish to attend video-based meetings sitting on top of laptops. –Christian Gollayan

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