Portable DIY Mini Spot Welder Machine 18650 Battery Various Welding Power Supply Spot Welder Welding Tool Kit

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Portable Transistor DIY Mini Spot Welding Machine for 18650 Lithium Battery 12V Automobile Battery LCD Display Screen Spot Welder Welding Tool Kit
1. Wide selection of welding power supply: lithium battery power supply or 12V car battery.
2. The controller is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, and the output pulse is accurate to ensure the welding quality.
3. With LCD display screen, can display welding parameters.
4. The welding pen and the input line are connected by U-shaped cold-pressed terminals, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement.
5. Using automatic touch welding mode, while retaining the manual trigger interface, you can choose according to your own use.
6. The power board uses 2 ounces copper to increase the overcurrent capacity.
7, using 5 300A MOS tubes, non-disassembled MOS tubes.
8. The MOS tube driver adopts the imported special chip driver. The fastest MOS tube can be hit with 20nS. The switch is fast to prevent the explosion of the tube and the non-triode push-pull drive.
9. The MOS drive design adds a transient diode to protect the MOS and prevent the explosion of the tube.
10. 10AWG multi-filament flexible wire is used for the welding pen line and the input line to increase the overcurrent capacity.
11.The controller is mainly for welding nickel-plated steel strips from 0.1mm to 0.15mm.
12. A 25V10000uF high-frequency low-resistance capacitor is added to the power input for energy compensation, which increases welding stability.
Material: PC
Size: 100x50mm/3.94×1.97in
Including: 1 X controller, 1pair X soldering pens, including soldering pins, U-type cold-pressed terminals, the total length of the soldering pen is about 30cm/11.81in
1 X Red power input line, 1 X Blue power input line, 10AWG, 20cm/7.87in long, 1pair X U-shaped cold-pressed terminals (for input power supply), Thousands of heat shrinkable tubes, used to shrink the power input line
1. This control is mainly for people who maintain or play with power banks, power tools, and airplane models. Because the amount of battery to be welded is not so large, it is not cost-effective to make a transformer spot welder, so this control pan is more suitable. Find a 3S 50C 5000mAh, or 12V 50Ah or above battery, you can weld. Very convenient.
2. This control is designed to reduce the requirements of users as much as possible, but it still requires users to have a certain electronic foundation and safety awareness. If you can’t even use a multimeter, and you can’t distinguish between AC and DC, then it is recommended not to use it.
3. Although sufficient design and protection of the MOS tube drive have been made during the design, it is inevitable that the explosion tube phenomenon will occur during use. If there is a explosion tube, it is enough to replace one.
4. There are individual users who have high welding requirements, and the controller does not meet their own welding requirements. If this happens, please replace the welding power source. After our own actual use, when the battery adopts 3S, 40C5 000mAh, it can weld 0.1mm nickel-plated steel strip and 0.15mm nickel-plated steel strip perfectly.
It is necessary to polish the welding needle into a round head, the pressing force is reduced, and it can also be welded! When the battery is a 12V 50Ah car battery, it can weld 0.15mm nickel-plated steel strip perfectly. Note that it is a car battery, not an ordinary lead-acid battery.
Instructions for use:
1. The power wiring controller comes with a 20cm long 10AWG input wire. One end has been crimped with a U-shaped terminal, and the other end has not been processed.
Connect the crimped U-shaped terminal to the control power input terminal, and the other end is processed according to its own power supply. Do not connect the negative electrode wrong.
2. There is a power switch under the control board. After pressing, wait for 3 seconds. After the buzzer drops, the LCD lights up and the boot is complete. Press the power switch again to shut down.
3. Screen description and parameter adjustment. There are currently three parameters on the screen:
WELD ENERGY: Parameters 01-99;
INPUTE power supply voltage: Display the current input power supply voltage;
WELD WAY: There are MANUALE and AUTO welding energy adjustment. You can directly adjust the welding mode selection by pressing the up and down keys, and switch by pressing the square key.
4. Welding Press the welding pen obliquely to the nickel strip to keep the welding needle clean. According to the actual test, if the welding needle is ground into a round head, the welding effect can be improved.
There are two ways of welding, manual and automatic. In manual mode, you can make a trigger switch by yourself. The plug of the control belt can be plugged into the manual trigger socket of the control. Each time the trigger switch is pressed, the buzzer will sound twice to complete a welding.
In the automatic mode, when the two welding pins touch the nickel strip, there is a delay of 1 second, and the buzzer emits three beeps to automatically complete one welding.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
1 X Spot Welding Machine Set

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