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Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

white elephant gifts everyone will fight for

If you are looking for a gift idea for your next White Elephant party, here are some great gifts everyone will fight over. These are gifts that will be cherished for years to come, as they are sure to spark conversation at the party and make everyone laugh. In addition to these gifts, you can also give an unusual object as a gift. A power bank and a Ramen bowl are also popular. But if you don’t want to buy these gifts for everyone, consider going with a gift that will be a conversation piece.

Microwave air popper

The white elephant gift exchange is a popular game for getting a variety of things for friends and family. Unlike the usual gift exchange, this game does not require a huge budget. The sweet spot is $25 and under, so this is an affordable option for any white elephant gift exchange. Choosing a gift that everyone will fight over and appreciate is essential – so choose one that is obscure and not everyone has.

A fun but useful gift is a beer coat. They make great white elephant gifts for those who enjoy sharing a beer with their friends. A beer coat made of soft nylon with metallic fabric inside is a practical and humorous gift for any friend or family member. Also, a cocktail shaker set is the perfect gift for any white elephant party. Paired with mini liquor bottles, it will make the host of the party the most popular person.

Another fun gift for a white elephant party is a microwave air popper. These poppers can be used to make popcorn and are perfect for movie nights and everyday snacking. Its small size makes it perfect for entertaining. You can get one for each person at your white elephant party! If you can’t decide between two gifts, go for the first one and see who fights for it.

In a white elephant party, the attendees are encouraged to anonymously present a cheap gift. When a number is called, that person can choose a gift from the pile. That person then steals another person’s gift. This game continues until all the gifts have been opened. Choosing the best gift is key! Remember to keep the recipient’s needs in mind and make it as useful as possible.

Cocktail shaker set

A cocktail shaker set makes the perfect holiday gift for a friend who loves booze. These multi-functional sets include a jigger, shaker, and strainer. The lid doubles as a strainer, and the martini shaker is vacuum insulated. A cocktail shaker with a jigger also doubles as a 1-ounce measuring cup.

A bottle of TRUFF’s white truffle hot sauce makes a great Secret Santa gift. It’s great on just about any food, and comes in a cool gift box. A few months ago, TRUFF’s White Truffle Hot Sauce was included in Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list. A cocktail shaker kit from S’well looks great, too. It has an aesthetically pleasing marble pattern, an 18-ounce shaker, and a jigger with two sizes. Another option is a reusable water bottle.

The ultimate party gift is a new board game. Adult Scattergories is a great way to get a conversation going. The game is fun and affordable, and the pieces are sturdy enough for many game nights. This game comes with a 20-sided die, 16 game cards, and 8 whiteboards. Each game includes dry erase markers and a two-minute sand timer.

The cocktail shaker set is one of those white elephant gift ideas everyone will fight over. Not only is it easy to find a cocktail shaker set on, but it’s also functional. And if you’re planning to host a holiday party, consider this gift idea. It’s a perfect Christmas gift idea! It’s a great conversation starter for any holiday party.

Power bank

Power banks are a great gift exchange option for any party. They can be cute or functional. Power banks are universally useful items, and everyone can use one. This gift is also a great way to get the most bang for your buck! If you’re looking for a fun gift for your next white elephant exchange, consider buying power banks for everyone! There are tons of options out there, including branded power banks, but here are some of our favorites:

There are many great gift ideas under $30. Popular gifts include fleece throw blankets and gourmet hot sauce. In addition to these, the guide has sections for gifts under $25 and gifts under $50. These gifts are sure to be a hit with your colleagues. Try out some of these ideas and see which one is the most popular at your next White Elephant exchange! There’s sure to be someone with something that everyone will fight over!

Ramen bowl

If you’re looking for a unique and fun gift to give a friend or loved one, consider buying them a ramen bowl. The perfect size for one person, these bowls come with a rest to place your chopsticks in. Not to mention they’re the perfect white elephant gift for a Ramen night. This gift will be a hit with everyone, especially if you’re planning a dinner party for one or two!

Another gift that everyone will fight for is a funny calendar. Many white elephant gifts are designed to make the recipient laugh, and if you can find one at WalMart, that’s a good start. A calendar with funny pictures of pooping dogs or cute dogs might also be appreciated. Or why not buy a calendar for 2020 and include both cute dog and poop photos? These gifts will make everyone laugh and will surely be treasured for years to come.

Another popular gift idea is a ramen bowl. Whether you’re buying for the office or for a dinner party, a Ramen bowl will surely be one of the white elephant gifts everyone will fight for. Everyone can’t have one in their possession, and this way, you’ll ensure everyone gets something they want. The ramen bowl can even double as a gift for a friend or loved one!

The Ramen bowl is another funny white elephant gift. Everyone loves ramen, so why not give them a Ramen bowl for the next time you have a gathering? Not only will your friends be surprised and happy with it, but it will also make the event memorable. If you want to throw a white elephant party, consider these funny gift ideas for the next time you host a party.


The perfect throwback white-egg gift is a scrunchie. Not only are scrunchies highly functional, but they’re also adorable and will leave no dents in your hair. There’s no need to feel bad about giving scrunchies to friends or coworkers – these little hair accessories are actually functional and not just a gag gift! While everybody wants a pair of U-shaped earrings, you can also educate recipients on what scrunchies mean and why you should buy them.

Whether you’re having a holiday party or just a casual holiday gathering, white-egg gift ideas can make the night a success. These fun gifts will have everyone laughing and mingling, and they’re functional enough for a group of people to share. Besides, these presents are so cute, everyone will be fighting over them. This gift idea is a great way to keep the craziness going despite holiday shipping delays!