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Fishbait Fishing Bubble Nest Oxygenator lure bubble nest ball bait attracting artifact poly fish particles bait

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Can help increase oxygen in the water to lure fish, penetrate quickly to stimulate fish, and gather fish together and last a long time.

◆| Aerobic Fish Trap
◆|Lasting Temptation
◆|Rich In Amino Acids
◆|Convenient & Easy To Use
◆|Three-dimensional Fish Lure
◆|Improve The Ph Value In The Dens


► 【Environmentally Friendly】

This is a healthy fish food that does not pollute the environment, is non-toxic, and safe.

► 【Fast & Effective】

Throw it directly into the water to quickly gather fish. Quickly attracts schools of fish, giving them irresistible temptations of sight and smell, and schools of fish will approach quickly.

► 【Large Coverage】

After entering the water, it atomizes quickly, covering a range of 1-2 meters, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the coverage area increases significantly.

► 【Long Time To Gather Fish】

One-piece continues to bubble for 20-30 minutes, breaking the 7-second memory rule, and attracting fish for a long time.

► 【Widely Applicable】

Various flavors are suitable for different water environments and different fish species.


The three-dimensional sense of sight, smell, and hearing are integrated, opening a new era of all-around fish attraction.

? Visually Appealing
Cloud atomization: After hitting the nest, the ball quickly sinks to the bottom, forming a rising cloud-like impact vision. And a lot of oxygen-enriched bubbles popped up, and the instinct of the fish made it naturally and quickly approach the bubble area.

? Auditory Attraction
Oxygen atoms: the boiling sound of bubbles is close to the sound of fish-eating, and the fish mistakenly believe that their companions are eating, and can’t wait to get closer to the source, further accelerating the lure of the fish.

? Olfactory Attraction
Fish attractant: Contains bait ingredients such as fish oil and amino acids, and the taste type corresponding to the target fish species. The fish nearby smelled the scent. Hard to resist, approaching quickly.


Catch it all! It is more attractive to develop preferred flavors for different fish conditions.

✔ Strong Fragrance – Blue
Crucian carp, Carp and blue carp, Grass carp, Silver carp and bighead carp, Luo Fei.

✔ Milk Fragrance – Yellow
Crucian carp, Carp and blue carp, Grass carp, Luo Fei, Hemicculter Leuciclus.

✔ Fermented Fragrance – Green
Crucian carp, Carp and blue carp, Grass carp, Mugil cephalus, Dace.

✔ Fishy Fragrance – Pink
Crucian carp, Carp and blue carp, Grass carp, Luo Fei, Barbless carp.

✔ Fruity Sour Fragrance – Purple
Crucian carp, Carp and blue carp, Grass carp, Dace.


1. Direct Throwing Is Convenient & Fast
First, gather the fish with bait at the position you want to fish, then drop the aerobic fish trap to a nearby location, and wait three minutes for fishing.

2. Use With Bait To Gather Fish
Adjust the bait used to gather the fish to a slightly sticky state, and then wrap the aerobic fish trap in the bait and put it into the selected position.


☛ Color: As The Picture Shows
☛ Weight: Approx. 60 g / 0.13 bl
☛ Diameter: 4 cm / 1.58”
☛ Package Included: Lure Pellets x 1/2/3 PC(S)


※ Please allow a 0~0.1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
※ Monitors are not calibrated the same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

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Fishbait Fishing Bubble Nest Oxygenator


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