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Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ adjustable memory pillow for sleeping cervical pillow for neck pain neck support

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Why Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ?

  • It helps prevent your pain. It prevents snoring problems, neck problems, and shoulder stiffness.
  • It supports the neck area by adapting to the spine curves.
  • The removable bamboo fabric cover can also be washed in the washing machine.
  • Thanks to the fabric treated with aloe vera, breathing becomes easier during sleep.
  • Its large size allows even those who move a lot during sleep to be comfortable.

What is Visco?

Visco elastic sponge is a material developed within the scope of NASA’s space research to reduce the extreme atmospheric pressure that astronauts are exposed to during travel. Visco, which takes shape according to the recesses of the body and absorbs local pressure, neutralizes gravity and provides a comfortable sleep as if sleeping in space. This nanotechnological product, which does not use harmful gases in its production, does not pose any threat to human health.

How to Understand Our Advanced Quality Memory Foam?

When you press it with your hand, the material collapses slightly and takes the shape of your fingers, and when you lift your hand, it returns to its old form in a short time. It can be easily distinguished from similar sponges with its elastic structure and the soft feeling it leaves when you touch it. In addition, the nanotechnological elastic tissue consisting of billions of open cells prevents sweating by providing perfect air circulation.

  • Technical Specifications of the pillow
  • Package Size: 48 x 28 x 10 or 58 x 38 x 12/14 cm
  • Dimensions: 52 x 32 x10 (Perfect for traveling and kids )or 60 x 40 x 12/14 cm(Perfect for home and Adults) (Inaccuracy of 1-2cm)
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Lying Type: Side-lying, supine lying
  • Material: *New* tech Memory Foam
  • Color: white
  • Package List: 1 Pillow x Aloe Vera Fabric Covers(Random Bonus)

As a result of high Visco Foam quality, the Neck Support Pillow is guarantee good sleep and the assurance of your health. Use Visco Foam for a peaceful night and a happy morning.

The Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ Supported Memory Foam Pillow is among the preferences of those who want to sleep more comfortably and uninterruptedly at night. The product, which improves your sleep quality and makes you feel better during the day, adapts to different sleep habits.

Basic Information About Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ

The Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ allows you to rest more during sleep thanks to the comfort it offers. The product that reduces neck and waist pains also helps to eliminate the snoring problem. It has a pillow feature that minimizes the feeling of uneasiness while sleeping during pregnancy.

The aloe vera fabric on the outer surface of the Visco pillow brings the relaxing effect of nature to your bedroom. The fabric that relaxes when it touches your skin ensures deeper sleep. It also supports the formation of new cells while purifying the skin from dead cells.

The materials used in the New Visco Foam Aloe vera pillow, which is invented and created by our sleeping research team and produced without harming the environment, are suitable for human health. The product, which you can use comfortably for a long time, has a 12-month warranty.

More Features of Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ

  • Wide Length of foam pillow, with its large dimensions, is ideal for those who move a lot during sleep.
  • Designed using advanced technology, the Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ Visco pillow is sensitive to pressure and temperature changes. The product, which allows the heat to dissipate in a short time, also balances the pressure.
  • Visco pillow, which adapts to your body with its curved structure, supports not only your neck and head but also your back and waist. Thus, by causing relaxation, it makes a massage effect during sleep.
  • With its design that supports your neck and head, it reduces the load applied to your body and prevents neck pain. It also helps your body relax.
  • You can easily remove the bamboo fabric on the outer surface of the Perfect fit pillow thanks to its zippered design and wash it in the washing machine. While using cleaners that do not have bleaching and abrasive properties will help extend the life of the product, there is no harm in drying it.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Perfect Fit Pillowᵀᴹ adjustable memory pillow for sleeping cervical pillow for neck pain neck support

  1. S****N
    5 out of 5
    November 15, 2022
    A great gift to her husband!
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    5 out of 5
    November 11, 2022
    this pillow works amazingly. Doesn't smell, nice and soft, the Memory foam Is really good. It Will change your sleeping quality! you won't regret It!
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    5 out of 5
    November 1, 2022
    I order not for the first time. The whole family moved to such pillows. Very satisfied.
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