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Cat Litter Deodorant Box Automatic USB Charging Litter Box Odor Purifier Deodorant 99.9% dust-Free 7 Days Battery Life Remover

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1 review for Cat Litter Deodorant Box Automatic USB Charging Litter Box Odor Purifier Deodorant 99.9% dust-Free 7 Days Battery Life Remover

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Automatic Cat Litter Deodorizer Auto On/Off Litter Box Odor Purifier Dust Deodorization USB Chargining Pet Self-Cleaning Product
What You Get
1 x Cat Litter Deodorizer
1 x USB Cable ( Not included power adapter)
1 x Adhesive-Backed Sticker as Bonus
1 x Instruction Manual
Litter Box Maintenance & Accessories
Size: 3.15*3.15*1.18 inches
Weight: 0.35 lb
Deodorization Rate: ≥80%
Dust-Free Rate: ≥99.9%
Working Hours: 24-hour monitoring
Battery Life: 7-day of battery life
Charging Method: USB Powered(15 inches USB cable)
How To Use Cat Litter Deodorizer?
Use Instruction:
Applicable scene: Suitable for various occasions, such as bathrooms, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, cat litter boxes, cars, etc.
1. You can hang the Smart Pet Odor Purifer on the wall above the pet toilet/cat litter box. Or you can place itinside the cat litter box.
2. Howto setit up in place?
(1). Use a dry cloth to clean the wall. To avoid reducing stickiness, don’t use any detergents to clean the wall. (8-16inches away from the cat litter box is best).
(2). Tear off the flm and press adhesive to push out the air.
(3). Hold and press it evenly for 10 seconds to ensure it Firmly installed.3. Press the power switch to turnit on. The blue lightis on when it’s working.
【Powerful Deodorant function】
uahpet odor eliminator used new deodorization technology and tested more than 50 times to make the deodorization rate above 80%. Just place the deodorizer in or near the litter boxes to make sure there is no odor around.【Anti-scratch Snap】There is a sticker on the back of the odor eliminator and it uses an anti-scratch design, so there is no need to worry about the device falling off due to your cat’s scratching.
【Odorless & 100% Cat Friendly】
uahpet cat litter deodorizer is different from scented cat litter, deodorant powder or neutralizer, it won’t generate any harmful fumes or unwanted smells and cats will feel particularly comfortable.【Applicable Occasions】It is suitable for all kinds of occasions requiring deodorization like cat litter Boxes, pet house, shoe box, kitchen, toilet, wardrobe, etc.
【Auto On/Off & Smart Sensor】
Equipped with a high-sensitivity biosensing system, 360° intelligent identification of the moment the cat enters and exits, and when the cat approaches, the smart pet odor eliminator will turn off through the built-in infrared sensor. After the cat leaves, it starts to eliminate the smell efficiently. 【Ultra-quiet】The silent design below 20dB ensures that your cat is not disturbed.
【USB Powered & Economical】
USB powered, no extra battery needed. Litter box odor eliminator works low power consumption (About 1 watt electric power ), one charge provides up to 7-day of battery life. uahpet litter deodorizer saves you from replacing expensive accessories ( no more maintenance and material replacement fees required) .
How to Charge it?
● Hold the purifer and unscrew it counterclockwise, plug the USB cable in and charge it with an adapter (No more than 5Vinput).
● The blue light willflash when charging. And once it’s fully charged, the blue light will be always on.
● Align the buckle with the card slot and rotate clockwise to reset.
Please Note:
Blue light is always on
Intelligent monitoring status, auto on/off when pet get close/leave.
Red light is always on Power shortage.
Blue light breathing
Dispelling odor and bacteria.
Red light breathing Power shortage.

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