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Indian ear candle with stopper aromatherapy ear candle trumpet shape aroma ear candlestick ear cleaner wax removal ear candle

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1 review for Indian ear candle with stopper aromatherapy ear candle trumpet shape aroma ear candlestick ear cleaner wax removal ear candle

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Ear candles are a natural, non-invasive procedure that can help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches, sinus diseases, allergies, dizziness, and mild hearing loss caused by excessive earwax accumulation.
It is said that ear candles can be used to relieve symptoms, from simple earaches, sinus infections and sinus pressure, to helping sinusitis, releasing blocked energy, and relieving pressure points. Generally speaking, it is just a soothing and relaxing therapy.
Practitioners of ear candles do not claim to cure these diseases, only that it helps bring balance and promote healing.
There are some myths about what happened during the candlelight experience.
One is that smoke enters the ear canal and softens the wax, then pulls it back through the candle.
This is the most common description of the working principle of candlelight, because some of the wax in the candle itself can flow down the inside of the cylinder, and then when it is cut, it is likely to resemble the waxy yellow substance wax similar to the ear.
Type: Ear Candling
Material: wax, natural material
Features: non-invasive therapy, natural, relaxing
Size: 24cm
Ear candles: 8CMf
How to use ear candles
1) Prepare your area
Make sure there is no air in the room, the temperature should be the ambient temperature and the lighting should be soft. You may want to play some light music in the background.
2) Prepare your equipment
Put your ear candles, a small bowl of water, a mirror, a lighter or match, and a pair of scissors.
3) Lie on the sofa or even the floor in a comfortable position! Rest your head on the pillow and tilt your head to one side. It is best to have someone by your side to help you, especially if this is your first ear candling experience.
Once you have established a regular ear candling program, make sure you have a mirror so that you can assess your progress during the ear candling.
4) Gently put the earplugs into the outer ear hole Earplugs
Equipped with a small comfortable earpiece, gently put it into the outer ear hole to ensure a good seal between the ear hole and the end of the ear. Candle.
5) Light the candle. Once lit, the candle will produce a slight vacuum, oxidation, and vaporization effect, and will absorb softened wax and debris from the ear. This is a very gentle and non-invasive process, and you may experience a wonderful process.
Crackling or soft hissing during the operation. The approximate burning time of the candle is 10 12 12 minutes.
6) When the flame reaches the marking line, remove the candle from the ear
, Extinguish the candle with a glass of water and cut off the burning part.
Due to differences in lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may be slightly different from the image.
Due to different manual measurements, please allow a slight size difference.
Package includes: 10pcs ear candles, 10pcs cotton swabs, 10pcs ear candles/16pcs ear candles, 16pcs cotton swabs, 16pcs ear candles

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