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K98 Mini Signal Detector Portable Travel Anti Spy Camera Finder LED Anti Thief Candid Cam Hidden Lens Eavesdropping Bug Scanner

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K98 Portable Travel RF Signal Camera Detector

When you are in a hotel or other unfamiliar place, are you afraid of being spied on by the hidden camera of a pinhole camera?

Do you want to effectively scare the thief when you are being tracked to protect people and property?

The k98 travel version uses US military technology and has a built-in 3D omnidirectional sensor chip. The device ‘s response and sensitivity are greatly improved. The sound and light alarm function is more accurate and efficient. In addition to the one-button alarm prompt function, the product also adds LED infrared physical laser scanning technology, which can effectively kill personal privacy violations of pinhole cameras, wired or wireless candid photos.

The product has a wide range of applications. It has high-efficiency protection for outings, hotel accommodation, luggage supervision, anti-lost and theft of valuables, etc. The design is simple and atmospheric, the specifications are small and easy to carry, and the functions are simple and convenient.

Therefore, k98 is your intimate product for traveling.

1. Three function modes: anti-theft vibration prompt, LED flashlight function, detection function.
2. Anti-theft vibration prompt: Once a thief breaks in, the detector will move or vibrate, issue an alarm sound and LED flashes to alarm.
3. LED flashlight function: LED flashlight function can be selected for lighting.
4. Detection window hole function: It can through the ultra bright red light scan and find various lenses hard to track with unaided eyes.
5. Powered by built-in rechargeable lithium battery, support continuous use for 8-10 hours.
6. Compact size and light weight, quite conveneint to carry.
7. Suitable for hotels, homes, offices and such similar places.

Material: ABS
Main Color: Black
Working Voltage: 6V
Working Current: 30mA
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 350mA

Charging time: about 1~2 hour

Working time: about 8~10 hours

Product Size: 88 x 42 x 15(mm)
Product Weight: Approx.35g

Package List:
1 * K98 Detector
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual


Comes without Retail packing box, but we will pack tightly to each customers.

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

New K98 Detector


Signal Anti Spy Bug Detector

Power supply

Built-in lithium polymer battery


High Sensitivity Signal Detector

Feature 2

LED indicator

Feature 4

adjustable threshold

Feature 5

Anti Candid Camera Detector

Feature 6

spy things hidden bug detector Tracker Finder Scanner

Feature 7

detection wiretap in the distance

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