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XXD 30A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller for RC Airplane Helicopter Quadcopter Drone Parts Accessories Speed Controller

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1 review for XXD 30A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller for RC Airplane Helicopter Quadcopter Drone Parts Accessories Speed Controller

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1. Safe power on function: When the power is on, the motor will not be started immediately no matter the throttle rocker is in any position to avoid personal injury;
2. Throttle stroke calibration function: adapt to the difference of throttle stroke of different remote control, improve the linearity of throttle response, with smooth, delicate speed control feel and first-class speed regulation linearity;
3. Program setting items:
Battery type: Li-xx (lithium battery) / Ni-xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride), the default value is Li-xx (lithium battery).
Low Voltage Protection Mode: Reduce power/turn off the output, the default is to reduce power.
Low Voltage Protection Threshold: Low/medium/high, the default is Cut-off discharge voltage.
When the Li-xx battery is set, the number of lithium batteries will be automatically determined. Under low/medium/high conditions, the cut-off voltage of each battery is respectively 2.6V, 2.85V and 3.1V.
When the Ni-xx battery is set, the voltage of the battery pack will be automatically detected when the power is turned on. In low/medium/high cases, the cut-off voltage is 0%, 45% and 60% of the input voltage at startup (0% means no low-voltage protection).
Startup mode: normal/soft/super soft startup, default is normal startup.
Normal start is suitable for fixed wing, can start the motor quickly in 0.2 seconds
Soft start/super soft start for helicopter; The initial rotation speed of soft start and super soft start is relatively low, it takes 1 second and 2 seconds from start to full speed respectively, but if the throttle is turned off after start and the starting again within 3 seconds, the starting will be in normal mode, so as to avoid falling down due to slow reaction during some stunt actions.
Timing: Low/medium/high, the default is the middle value.
In general, the low Timing can accommodate more motors, but to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use a low-Timing for a 2-pole motor and a medium-Timing for a motor with more than 6 poles. To increase the speed, the Timing can be set to a high value. After improving the Timing setting, you should test it on the ground before flying.
Process Features:
1. The power input terminal adopts ultra-low impedance large-capacity electrolytic capacitor, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability;
2. The output MOSFET power tube is equipped with an independent heat sink to reduce the temperature rise of the device and improve the system’s high current working capacity;
3. Using single-chip control;
4. The single-chip microcomputer adopts an independent voltage-stabilizing chip to avoid power supply interference caused by BEC load change and improve the working stability of the single-chip microcomputer.
Extreme Use:
Continuous current 30A, instant 35A, 40A for 10 seconds.
Type: (1)Without Plug (2)Welded T plug (3)Gold Plug
Size/Weight: 45 X 24 X 11mm/1.77 X 0.94 X 0.43′, 25g (Including Cable)
Voltage Range: 4V-16V
Batteries Quantity: 2-4LIPO (4LIPO does not allow BEC output)
BEC output: 2A continuous, (nstant 3A)
2LIPO: 4-5 Miniature steering engine
3LIPO: 3-4 Miniature steering engine
Protective function:
Automatically select 2-3LIPO, the protection voltage is 6V/9V respectively;
Automatically select NIMH, the protection voltage of each section is 0.8V;
Safe for start up, Wrong throttle position, forbidden to start.
Temperature protection, 110 degrees surface temperature, stop.
Out of control protection, no signal after 1 second, stop.
Performance Description:
The upper limit of the speed is 210,000 rpm in 2 poles, 35,000 rpm in 12 poles, and 42,000 rpm in 14 poles.
8KHz PWM control with speed control curve.
Automatic throttle adaptation for more remote control devices.
With BEC, MCU separates power supply and works more stably.
Setting method:
1. Turn on the transmitter and push the throttle to the highest (FUTABA series transmitters need to use the throttle channel to select REV).
2. Connect the receiver and motor.
3. Turn on the ESC power supply. If the transmitter is normal, the following sounds are available: (If is a long B sound and then without sound again, please check the transmitter throttle channel reverse setting.)
B B: indicates LIPO automatic protection
BB BB: Indicates NIMH /NICD automatic protection
BBB BBB: Indicates brake selection
(When there is no operation, all sounds will continue to loop until there is an operation request.)
During the sound loop, when you hear settings sound you want, pull the throttle to the lowest position quickly at the first syllable that prompts the sound (For example, select LIPO automatic protection, hear a B sound, pull the throttle to the lowest position). At the same time, the motor will make a very sharp sound to confirm.
At this point, if there is another setting, quickly push the throttle to the maximum, you can make the next choice.
If the setting you want is complete, wait 2 seconds, the motor again emits the appropriate battery protection to determine the sound, and confirm the throttle position, then you can use.
LIPO automatic protection has only two protection voltage protection points, 6V and 9V, which can be used without a fully charged battery.
NIMH automatic protection is calculated according to the actual number of batteries. Each battery is set to 0.8V. In order to accurately determine the battery voltage, please fill the battery. If not fully charged, the regulator will estimate the protection voltage at 70% of the voltage. (This function can also be used with 4LIPO)
The factory setting is none. A brake setting operation can be performed during actual use, so that the motor brakes with the back electromotive force after the throttle is closed.
If you want to release this brake function, you can set the brake operation again, then the function is cancelled.
Factory parameter reset function, because this series of ESC has overheating and misoperation protection function, if you find your ESC acceleration, or steering, or the throttle curve and other characteristics with new change, you can do it once Factory parameter settings to regain maximum performance.
Long beep of B for Power On, indicating that the ESC is in the automatic protection state of LIPO, and the B for three times, indicating that the NIMH/NICD is automatically protection state.
1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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