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The molding powder is mixed with water. After the mold has set for about 75 seconds, the baby’s foot or hand is placed in the molded container. Swing the baby’s foot (or hand) from the molding material.
The cast stone bag is mixed with water and the foundry mixture is poured into a mold. Allow the cast stone to harden for two hours.
Rip the template and remove the statue.
Paint and enjoy!
The package includes:
100g x molding powder
100g x plaster
1 x powder (gold lacquer/silver lacquer lacquer/pearl lacquer)
1 x brush
Note: The frame is not included. This is generally only enough for a baby double or a foot.
 0-1 years: One hand (50g) one foot (100g)
1-2 years:One hand (100g) one foot (150g)
2-3 years:One hand (100g) one foot (200g)
3-5 years:One hand (200g) one foot (250g)
Adult:One hand (300g)
Couple hands:One hand (600g)
1. Take clone powder 50 grams, add 1.2-1.5 times the volume of water mixed, mixing, then cloning powder and water mixture into a purple paste liquid, stir it, about 1 minute or so purple gradually receded, immediately Baby’s little hands or feet into the liquid, the baby’s little hands or feet must be soaked in the liquid inside, do not stick to the walls of the cup, while ensuring that the baby’s hand or feet do not move, about 2 and a half times the liquid will solidify, please Keep 4 minutes and then remove the baby’s hand or feet, can be removed before and after the move, let the air go, slowly removed.
2. Take the model powder 50 grams, add 1 / 3-1 / 2 of water, water do not put too much, as long as the powder and water mixture into a liquid, the more concentrated the better, even after mixing, slowly poured into the colloid , Down a little, Akira look, to avoid the gas plug in the inside.
3.2-5 hours after the or hand can be used to slowly open the colloid, must be carefully poke, not anxious.
(Note: the surface of the work of a little powder can be rinsed with water, placed in a ventilated place to dry, it is recommended to dry for more than 24 hours.)
4. Color: like to paint what color to give their own works painted what color it
Important: Do not add too much water to the powder mixture or they will not be set correctly and your casting will not succeed.
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