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picture necklace

Discover the perfect personalized gift with our Custom Picture Necklaces. Each necklace is crafted to capture cherished memories, making it a unique keepsake. Ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, or just because, our Picture Necklaces are a heartfelt way to keep loved ones close. Shop now to create your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece!

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Discovering the Magic of Picture Necklaces: A Keepsake for Fond Memories

In the world of jewelry, picture necklaces are unique because they are deeply personal and sentimental. This piece is not like any other fashion statement; it holds dear memories inside keeping them close to your heart and soul as well. Let us delve into this bewitching form of ornament and find out why they make such valuable gifts.

What is a Picture Necklace?

Usually, a photo necklace has a locket that opens up to show an image or photograph. With this design, you can carry around with you anywhere, anytime snapshots of loved ones; special occasions past by or even pets that have long left this earth plane still linger within our hearts- figuratively speaking though! It’s like owning a tangible memory which combines elegance found in jewellery pieces together with warmth associated with cherished remembrances.

Why Choose a Picture Necklace?

Emotional Bond: Wearing one creates emotional bond between wearer and the image contained in it especially when people we love most may live far apart from us or have already died.

Versatility in Fashion: Be it dressing up for some fancy event or just spicing your daily outfit – any look will be complemented by these necklaces.

Great For Presenting: Such chains can be given away at birthdays; anniversaries; mother`s days etc., moments that require giving presents full of genuine feelings.

Customizing Your Necklace

We at Gifts Flash have been specializing on custom diamond painting kits but now we’ve applied same customization principles into designing lockets where pictures could be stored forever. Here’s how you can go about personalizing yours;

Choose Shape for Locket: Make selection among different shapes including hearts; ovals; rectangles etc..

Material Selection: Depending upon what best suits both your taste as well financial plan – sterling silver may work better than gold or vice versa till rose gold comes along then everything changes again!

Add Your Own Touches via Photos: Upload any desired picture onto pendant after which our team will ensure perfect resizing and positioning of image.

How to Wear Your Picture Necklace

Statement Piece: Let it be the only visible jewellery on your outfit so as to create an eye-catching effect.

Layered Look: Combine several longer chains together with chokers thus forming trendy layers.

Special Occasions: Use this kind of chain with formal wear during weddings; reunions etc., where such events call for deeper meaning behind every aspect involved in them including dressing code!

Taking Care of Your Necklace

To maintain its original appearance;

Keep away from water & other liquids: Do not swim while wearing; apply lotions or perfumes on yourself before putting it back around neck again.

Clean gently: Use soft cloth that will not leave scratches behind when wiping surface over photo area alone then let air dry naturally afterwards