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  1. What is Pokemon mystery box ?

    A Pokemon mystery box is a surprise box that is often offered in a specific theme or brand related pokemon go. The content of the box represents a certain value. pokemon mystery box contain any charactor model, with Limited and Collector’s Editions, usually not been sold on any online stores

  2. Will All items come in different?

    Maybe, you have 1-10% chance to collect each of them in one box, In past purchases records, it is possible.

  3. Do you support replacement?

    No, we don’t have a replacement service, because every box pick randomly, if you are not satisfied, please consider placing another order, and we will give you a discount code for your purchase.

  4. Why do you should mystery box?

    Mystery boxes have become a new fashion trend in 2022, a symbol of taste, a service for people with a unique charm, a satisfaction and pleasure for all people There are also mystery boxes that have a long-lasting value and are a form of investment. it’s also called lucky box or surprise box.

Extended Reading: How to Get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go?

how to get a mystery box in pokemon go

If you’re wondering how to get a Pokemon Mystery Box in Pokemon Go, you’ve come to the right place! There are several tips you can use to activate Mystery Boxes, including the Shiny Meltan and the Gigantamax Melmetal. Just follow our guide and you’ll be on your way to shiny new Pokémon! Activate a lukcy pokemon Box and unlock rare Pokémon!

Shiny Meltan Mystery Box

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, you’ve probably heard of the new shiny Meltan Mystery Box. This special Pokemon has recently been released and will appear for players to catch. It can be obtained by collecting 400 candies and Ultra Balls. This special Pokemon can evolve into a Shiny Melmetal. But how does it work? Read on to learn more about the lucky box!

The first step is to find a Pokémon that has the ability to be captured using a lucky Box. This Pokemon will appear near you for thirty minutes when you open the box. You can only capture Meltan once every three days. These Pokémon are not clones, but are real Pokemon. They can spawn in the wild or in the Pokemon Go world. Once you have captured one, you can trade it in the lucky Box for a shiny Meltan.

The next step is to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokémon Let’s Go. This step is crucial for obtaining a shiny Meltan. Previously, you had to transfer your Pokemon to Pokemon Let’s Go in order to receive a pokemon go surprise Box. With Pokemon Let’s Go, however, you don’t have to transfer your Pokemon to get this exclusive Pokémon. You can use Pokemon Let’s Go to trade for a shiny Meltan in the new game.

Before you can transfer your Pokemon to Pokémon Home, you have to link your Pokemon GO account with your Nintendo account. Once you’ve done this, you can transfer your Pokemon to your Nintendo account. The Pokemon you transfer to your Nintendo account cannot be transferred back to Pokemon GO. Once the lucky pokemon box has been opened, a Meltan will appear for one hour. Afterwards, you can receive another lucky box every 72 hours.

Obtaining a shiny Meltan requires patience and time. The lucky box will recharge every three days, so you should aim to catch three before the event ends on July 15th, local time in the UK. But don’t worry! There are other ways to obtain shiny Meltan and more. Keep your fingers crossed! You’re one step closer to catching this rare creature. If you’re a Pokemon fan, don’t miss out!

Activating a Mystery Box

The lucky Box is one of the most important features in Pokemon GO, and it has been around for quite a while. Since its initial release, it has become even more important and useful, especially as it has been used to obtain more rare Pokemon such as Meltan. As new events and changes have taken place, the lucky Box has become easier to use than ever before. To activate the lucky Box, players need to have at least one Pokemon and a Nintendo Switch.

Once the lucky Box is unlocked, the player can begin searching for it. The Mystery pokemon Box is found on the player’s bag and opens a 60-minute timer. The Mystery pokemon go Box will spawn Meltan only if the player has the automatic time feature set. Once the timer expires, the Meltan will stop appearing. If you wish to acquire Meltan, you must complete the event.

To activate a Mystery pokemon box, you can either trade your Pokemon or send them to your home. Trading Pokemon from one game to another will not give you a surprise Box, but you can send it to another one if the other player has the same item. But be careful: trading Pokemon will drain your GO transporter’s energy, so make sure to trade only the most useful ones. Otherwise, you will run out of energy after a week.

Mystery Boxes will occasionally appear in the game, so be sure to keep an eye out. You may not have a Pokemon of this level yet, but if you do, it will be a rare find. The rarest boxes are the ones that have a unique scent. If you can find a Mystery Box during the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go, you’ll get a shiny Meltan.

In addition to the rarest Pokemon, there are other rewards for opening Mystery pokemon go Boxes. For example, you can earn extra spawns for Meltan if you open it on a weekend. If you can’t find Meltan during the event, you can transfer it to your home to earn extra time. But it’s not that easy! But it can make catching Meltan easier if you open one every few weeks.

Getting a Shiny Meltan

Getting a Shiny Meltan Mystery Box in Pokemon GO is a very common feat, as it gives players the chance to catch multiple shiny Meltans! Fortunately, there is a way to obtain these Mystery pokemon Boxes quickly and easily! All you need to do is transfer your Pokemon from the mobile game to the Nintendo Switch, and you can start catching Meltans right away!

There are many ways to get a Shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO, and you can catch one of the best ones by keeping an eye out for special events and collaborations. The best way to obtain shiny Meltan is to save Razz and Pinap Berries for an evolving experience. These berries are crucial to the process of evolving Meltan into a shiny. You need 400 candies and Ultra Balls to complete this quest.

Once you’ve collected enough Meltan candy, open your Mystery pokemon Box. This will lure the Meltan for 30 minutes, so make sure you have plenty of PokeBalls handy and make use of the Pinap berry. After using the Mystery pokemon Box, you’ll need to wait a week before you can use it again. You can also reopen the Mystery pokemon go Box after seven days by sending a Pokemon to the Pokémon center, which will re-spawn the Meltan. Remember that the Shiny Meltan event will run until March 5th, so catch it while you can!

The good news is that this quest is now easier than ever. The fifth anniversary event is happening now, which gives players a maximum of six hours to complete all four Mystery pokemon Boxes. You can even repeat it up to three times, giving you three chances to get a Shiny Meltan each time. Just make sure that you keep a good stash of Poke Ball variants in your inventory. If you don’t find a Shiny Meltan right away, leave the area and find another one.

You can also get a shiny Meltan by sending your Pokemon to another game. Once you have a Mystery pokemon go Box, you’ll receive your Shiny Meltan next to your avatar. You can then send it to the GO Park to catch your new shiny Meltan. You can even get a Shiny Meltan Mystery pokemon Box even if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch!

Getting a Gigantamax Melmetal Mystery Box

While it’s not possible to catch Gigantamax Melmetal in Pokemon GO, you can find it in the game’s HOME system. If you’re looking for a new Pokemon to catch, this is the right place to find it. It is a rare metal-type Pokemon that has the ability to Gigantamax when used in a Shield or Sword battle.

Getting a Melmetal Mystery Box in Pokemon GO requires linking your account to your Pokemon HOME account. By doing this, you will get the Melmetal you’ve been looking for. A Mystery Box can lure tons of Meltan for an hour, and it can be recharged every three days by transferring another Pokemon. You can transfer your Gigantamax Melmetal to a Pokemon Sword or Shield to have even more powerful Meltan-type attacks.

You can also get a Mystery Box by trading your Pokemon to Nintendo Switch. This method is much easier and works well if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch. To do this, simply go to the Pokemon Home area, scroll through the available Pokemon and tap the “trade” button. Once you’ve selected all the Pokemon you want to trade, a Mystery pokemon go Box will be delivered to you. Just keep in mind that each trade will use up your GO transporter energy. It will take about a week to recover it.

The first transfer of your Pokemon to Pokemon HOME will cause a Meltan to appear on the map. Once you’ve done this, the Pokemon will automatically be transferred to your Pokemon HOME account. Once this happens, you will get your first Mythical Pokemon, Meltan. Once you’ve done this, you’ll also get a Mystery pokemon Box of Meltan!