What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

A “white elephant” gift exchange is an event where people give gifts to each other that they don’t want anymore, but are too expensive to throw away. The idea of the gift exchange originated in Thailand and was brought over by ex-pats living there. It has since spread around the world.

The term “white elephant” comes from the Thai tradition of giving gifts to the king or queen as a way to gain their favor. When the king or queen gave them back, it meant that he or she had no use for those gifts. This is why these gifts were called “white elephants.”

The gift exchange is similar to a Secret Santa gift exchange except you can only give one gift per person. You have to choose something you don’t want anymore, so you can be sure that your recipient will get something useful.

You can also participate in a white elephant gift exchange with friends who live nearby. If you do this, make sure you coordinate what time everyone should meet up at the location. 

Official White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules

1. Each participant must pick a present to give to another participant.

2. Participants cannot buy anything new for themselves during the gift exchange. They may purchase used items if they already own them.

3. Participants cannot sell things on eBay or Craigslist.

4. Gifts must be unwrapped.

5. No cash exchanges are allowed.

6. All participants must agree to the rules before participating.

7. The gift exchange takes place in public view.

8. The gift exchange lasts 24 hours. After that, all gifts become the property of the host.

9. The gift exchange is open to anyone 18 years old and older.

10. The gift exchange is not limited to just adults. Children under 18 can participate if they are accompanied by an adult.

best white elephant and Secret Santa gift ideas

There are many different types of white elephant gift ideas. Here are some suggestions:

Gift baskets – These are great because you can put together whatever type of basket you like. You could even include snacks, drinks, or toiletries.

Home decor – Home decor items such as candles, home décor, picture frames, etc., are always good choices.

Books – Books are always a popular choice. There are lots of books out there that would be perfect for someone else.

Jewelry – Jewelry is also a very common choice. A necklace or bracelet would be nice.

Music – Music is another popular item. You could either play music for your guests or have them bring their favorite CDs or MP3s.

Home goods – You can find a lot of home goods online. Some examples of home goods include pillows, blankets, towels, rugs, etc.

Cleaning supplies – Cleaning supplies are a great option. You could include cleaning products, dishes, pots & pans, etc.

Personalized items – Personalized items are always fun. You can create a personalized photo frame, mug, t-shirt, etc.

Gifts for kids – Kids love getting toys. Toys are always a great choice. You could also include games, puzzles, coloring books, etc.

Gourmet food – Gourmet food is always a hit. You could include cookies, cakes, candy, wine, beer, etc.

Luxury items – Luxury items are always a treat. You could include jewelry, clothing, watches, handbags, etc.

Super Fun White Elephant Gifts That Your Coworkers and Friends Will Want to Steal

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Here are some suggestions for coworkers:

Office supplies – Office supplies are always popular. You could include pens, pencils, paper clips, staplers, rulers, etc.

Electronics – Electronics are always a big hit. You could include a laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, printer, scanner, etc.

Tech gadgets – Tech gadgets are always a hit. You can include smart phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, game consoles, etc.

Gadgets – Gadgets are always a hit. From fitness trackers to GPS devices, these are always popular.

Tech tools – Tech tools are always a hit. This includes power strips, chargers, cables, adapters, etc.

Gym equipment – Gym equipment is always a hit. If you know someone who likes working out, this is a great gift idea.

Games – Games are always a hit. Board games, card games, video games, etc., are always a hit.

Sports gear – Sports gear is always a hit. Baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, basketballs, etc., are always popular.

Outdoor gear – Outdoor gear is always a hit with people who enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.

Outdoor furniture – Outdoors furniture is always a hit. Camp chairs, hammocks, picnic tables, grills, etc., are all great gifts.

Camping gear – Camping gear is always a hit because it’s something everyone enjoys. Tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, camp cookware, etc., are all popular.

Winning White Elephant Gifts That’ll Cost You Less Than $10

You might not think $10 is much money, but when you consider how many other things cost more than $10, it’s actually quite a bargain. Here are 10 inexpensive gifts that will make anyone smile:

1. A box of tissues – $2

2. Hand sanitizer – $4

3. Toothbrush – $5

4. Mouthwash – $6

5. Deodorant – $7

6. Shampoo – $8

7. Body wash – $9

8. Toiletries bag – $10

9. Laundry detergent – $11

10. Hair dryer – $12

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Are The Ones That Make People Smile

Here are the best white elephant gift ideas for your friends and family:

1. Coffee maker – $20

2. Waffle iron – $30

3. Wine glasses – $50

4. Beer mugs – $100

5. Kitchen utensils – $200

6. Cooking pot – $300

7. Crockpot – $400

8. Slow cooker – $500

9. Vacuum cleaner – $600

10. Dining table – $700 

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For

If you’re looking for funny white elephant gift ideas, here are some good ones:

1. Ice cream cone – $25

2. Snack cake – $35

3. Cupcake – $45

4. Popcorn popper – $60

5. Candy bar – $75

6. Cookie – $90

7. Chocolate chip cookie – $100

8. Cookies – $150

9. Cake – $250

10. Pie – $350 

Best White Elephant Gifts and Ideas Everyone Will Happily Reach for in

Your kitchen or bathroom cabinet, there’s bound to be at least one thing you don’t use anymore. Donate it to Goodwill and get cash back!

1. Old spices – $15

2. Old coffee beans – $20

3. Old olive oil – $40

4. Old salt – $40

5. Old pepper – $40

6. Old sugar – $40

7. Old baking soda – $40

8. Old vinegar – $40

9. Old mustard – $40

10. Old ketchup – $40