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White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $50

white elephant gift ideas 50

When you’re trying to figure out the perfect gift for a White Elephant, you want to choose something that matches many personality types. The best gift ideas for under $50 are those that are both unique and affordable. You can choose a record player from Trader Joe’s, or a Crosley AM/FM radio for an older person. Or you can get someone a pizza throw and watch them eat their leftover pizza!

Trader Joe’s record player

You can make your next White Elephant gift exchange a hit by giving a Trader Joe’s record player to everyone on your list. The flamingo design is both festive and useful, and will definitely stand out from the usual “white elephant” gifts. This is also a great gift to give to the office, because it’s cheap and everyone will enjoy it! But if you’re not a fan of flamingos, there’s no need to worry. You can get one for less than $50!

A record player is an interesting gift for a friend who collects records. Also, if you know someone who likes to cook with new appliances, you can give them an air fryer. These appliances are great for parties, and they’re very practical. Another great gift idea is a Trader Joe’s cookbook, which has 150 recipes. The recipes are easy to prepare, and they are inexpensive.

A Bob Ross Chia Pet is a classic white elephant gift idea. You can also give someone a grilled cheese sandwich toaster if you’re feeling generous. If you’re shopping online for a white elephant gift, keep in mind that there’s a deadline for shipping gifts, typically December 15th. A great way to find a cheap gift is at the As Seen on TV aisle.

Trader Joe’s water bottle is another great white elephant gift idea. It’s gender-neutral, and the recipient will appreciate the novelty of the novelty. The recipient of a water bottle or a salt shot glass is sure to appreciate it. Moreover, a Trader Joe’s water bottle is a great gift for fidgety fidglers or thumb-fiddlers. Besides, the bottle itself is waterproof and makes the perfect white elephant gift.

Crosley AM/FM radio

A Crosley AM/FM radio is a versatile white elephant gift idea. Not only is it functional, but it also has Bluetooth capabilities, which make it a smart gift for anyone who loves listening to the radio while they’re on the go. And, it’s affordable and splash-proof, so it can be a great gift for any budget. This radio is perfect for anyone who loves retro early morning tunes.

If you’re hosting a white elephant gift exchange at your house, consider what each person is like. Many white elephant gift exchanges have a $20 or $30 budget, so you should keep the gifts reasonably priced. Consider age ranges as well. For instance, an adult may prefer a Crosley AM/FM radio; a kid might want a box of “donuts.” The key is to get a gift that fits everyone’s personality.

A breakfast sandwich maker is another useful white elephant gift. A bluetooth karaoke microphone will motivate people to steal the gift. A mug with the gift-giver’s face on it is another good white elephant gift idea. Another useful white elephant gift is an insulated coffee mug. The only problem with these gifts is that it’s hard to find one that suits the recipient and does not cost an arm and a leg.

Beer holder

Give your coworker a funny beer holder! This gift will keep your beer cold while allowing you to stay in optimum alignment while using the bathroom! It comes in two different colors and comes with a carabiner that functions as a bottle opener. It is a great way to start a party early, and after a long day, a beer holder will help them relax in the shower. You can also give them a dino taco holder. They are a hilarious gift idea, and the fun names will make anyone laugh. They are made of ABS plastic, and will hold two hard shell tacos!

You can also give a beer holder as a white elephant gift. It is a practical and fun gift that is useful for the recipient and can also be used as decor. It is also an inexpensive gift that is perfect for a housewarming party. Unlike many other white elephant gifts, a beer holder will be used in the house! There are many different kinds of beer holders on the market, and each one is unique.

Another great white elephant gift is a decision-making and paperweight. These gifts make it easier to decide on what to get the recipient. They can be placed anywhere, which makes them an excellent white elephant gift! And if you can’t think of a specific recipient, consider giving a periodic win glass. It captures the reaction between laboratory and modern tableware. Its functionality will make it the perfect gift for someone in the medical industry or a science teacher, who can use it to convey the science behind hard-core discoveries.

A beer holder is also a great gift for the beer enthusiast in your life! These decanters are made of mirror-finish gold lettering and are very stylish. The only downfall of these gifts is that you can’t buy the liquor inside. The beer holders will keep your drinks chilled in style for hours! If your loved one doesn’t drink alcohol, you could also consider a beer holder as a white elephant gift!

Pizza throw

For a fun and competitive gift exchange, why not throw a pizza party? You can get everyone in the group a pizza for their birthday or just as a white elephant gift. You can even buy gifts for each other, such as a pizza-themed throw pillow. Besides, a pizza is sure to be a big hit, so why not give the gift of delicious pizza to your friends?

Another great party game is Beanboozled, where the players must choose between identical jelly beans. The only difference is that each jelly bean has a different flavor, like lime or grass clippings. There are endless possibilities for creative gift-giving ideas. One of my favorites is a gingerbread man or woman. You can choose one with the perfect personality for the recipient. Isn’t he or she an old friend?

Another funny white elephant gift idea is a wine condom, a hilarious fill-in-the-blank game. Wine condoms are great for gift exchanges because they will keep the wine fresh even after opening it. A rubber chicken is also a great white elephant gag gift. Printed toilet paper with funny sayings or artwork makes a great white elephant gift idea. Inflatable pool toys are great all year-round gifts, especially pizza slices, ice cream cones, and poop emoji.

If you’re planning a white elephant party, you need to think of fun gifts. If you want to win the favor of everyone, try to think of a fun and funny gift idea. The funny ones are not only useful but also memorable, and will surely make your party guests laugh. The key is to be creative! And don’t be afraid to get creative! There are tons of great gift ideas under $20.

You Suck At Parking t-shirt

You’re looking for the perfect white elephant gift for your friend, coworker, or family member who’s not so picky about their clothes. There are many hilarious and funny ideas for the recipient of this type of gift. Consider a t-shirt with the message “You Suck At Parking!” You can also purchase funny slippers that are used for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. Wearing these shoes makes cleaning easier, which is great for people who aren’t so thorough! These slippers make cleaning easier and can help them to park their cars. They’ll appreciate it!