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LUXIANZI Powerful Electric Desoldering Pump Suction Tin Vacuum Removal Tool Removal Hand Welding Tools Solder Iron Desolder Gun

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LUXIANZI Powerful Electric Desoldering Pump
Suction Tin Vacuum Removal Tool Removal Hand Welding Tools Solder Iron Desolder Gun
Product information:
Type: Electric solder sucker
Heating power: 30w
Working voltage: 220v 50Hz
Electromagnetic power: 350w (momentary)
Power cord: 1.2 meters
Diameter of tin storage cylinder: 32mm
Size: 245*32mm
Weight: 391g
Diameter of tin storage barrel: 42mm
Size: 245*42mm
Weight: 519g
Standard packaging:
Main unit +1.0 nozzle +2.0 nozzle + through needle + manual + packing box
•Fast soldering and desoldering,The components can be easily removed from the circuit board.
•High-strength heat-resistant handle,Artificial design, comfortable hand feeling,High temperature resistant and safer.
•Metal alloy nozzle,Made of alloy, avoid oxidation, longer life
After the nozzle is heated, the solder joints can be melted.
•The suction pump adopts high temperature resistant vacuum rubber rubber support, which can effectively prevent Corrosion of high temperature tin slag, built-in all-copper solenoid valve.
Adapter Plug Type: EU/US/UA/UK
There are two types of EU type adapter plugs: C and F. (F is sent by default, if you need to change the style, please contact customer service)
Disassemble pump-Correct Way To Use
Turn on the power , let the nozzle heat up.
Use after warming up for 3-5 minutes
Aim the nozzle at the solder part that needs to be removed.
Be careful :keep it vertical
Press the switch to start tin removal.
Press and hold the handle’s switch.
Move away from the solder joint.
Release the switch, the tin slag will be sprayed out automatically.
One-handed independent operation, convenient and fast.
After tin removal.
A cleanup process completed successfully.
How to use:
1.Connect to the power supply, warm up for about 3~5 minutes before use;
2.Align the tip of the suction nozzle with the solder joint that needs to be removed, and melt the solder;
3.Press and hold the suction button to suck the solder into the tin storage tank;
4.Remove the solder sucker from the solder joints, and release the solder sucking button to remove the dross
Common problems and solutions of Electric Tin Suction Device
-Precautions when using the electric tin suction device:
1. When replacing the nozzle, it must be replaced during heating, otherwise the heating core will be twisted off, and then it will not work properly.
2.Press the switch several times before the work is completed to spray the solder stored in the heating core clean. The next use will not be affected.
3.If it is found that the heating core is blocked, the solution: heat the tin suction device for 2-3 minutes.Unscrew the front cover and use an electric soldering iron to dissolve the solder while heating, and it can be used normally.
4. When working abnormally during use, do not press the switch frequently, you can find a customer service consultation.
-About the tin removal problem of the Tin Suction Device:
The temperature of the tin removal and the tin absorber has nothing to do, because the melting point of the tin on some circuit boards is different, and it is related to the size of the tin. Oil, etc., can be added to the tin points on the circuit board during the process of tin melting in the tin absorber, and the tin point can be removed by increasing the amount of tin.
This electric heating tin suction device is a low-power electric heating tin suction device.
It is not recommended to use it on oversized and double-sided circuit boards, the effect is not so good!
It is recommended to use a high-frequency electric tin-absorbing soldering station to absorb tin. If necessary, you can contact customer service to buy it!
Clean and replace:
-First remove the accumulated solder dross, and then clean the tin dross in the hose.
-Unscrew the lid counterclockwise, pour out the slag in the hose.
-The suction nozzle can be removed and replaced by twisting the suction nozzle counterclockwise with a vise.
Note: When cleaning and replacing parts, you must turn off the power and wait for the solder suction device
It can be carried out after completely cooling down.
When the power is turned on, the temperature of the welding tip is between 200°C and 480°C, in view of
Misuse may cause burns or fire, please strictly observe the following:
Do not touch the metal part of the welding tip attachment.
Do not use this machine in an environment with flammable and explosive objects.
Notify other members of the factory that the welding tip is hot and may cause dangerous accidents.
Turn off the power when you rest and finish work.
Turn off the power when replacing parts or the welding tip of the device, and wait for the welding tip to cool down
Do it later.

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